Best Hotels in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

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Whether it’s 5-star hotels like La Samanna (Saint Martin), Holland House or Sonesta (Sint Maarten), private residences or guest houses, there is more than one choice to book a room in Sint Maarten.


The island has over a hundred hotels or residences, French (Saint Martin) or Dutch (Sint Maarten), which will seduce you.


According to your desires and/or your budget, you will find the room that will make your stay a total success.


A view of the Caribbean Sea, a breakfast on your terrace, a welcome like nowhere else, you will find all this on the « Friendly Island ».


All types of accommodation for all budgets are offered in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. From the suite in a 5-star hotel or a dream villa with a view of the Caribbean Sea.


Through a charming residence or simply an hotel room, everyone will find the perfect place for a magical stay on the « Friendly Island ».


Many tourists have fallen in love with Saint Martin / Sint Maarten and come back to the island each year as they find the quality of life and pleasure they seek for their holidays.


It is a tradition in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten to welcome tourists with this tradition of natural hospitality that makes the island is acclaimed by many holidaymakers.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels - Blue Calypso

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels - Sonesta Maho Beach Resort

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels

If you opt for accommodation in luxury villas, Terres Basses, on the french side, will be your choice. This idyllic spot is home to beautiful luxury villas with upscale housing and breathtaking sea views.


This is an impressive number of luxury houses with extraordinary decoration and neat. Full change of scenery.
 For luxury residences, the 5-star hotel Belmond La Samanna will seduce you.


Located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, long bay, this upscale residence was designed so that each visitor is fully subjugated by the architecture the quality of the services.


Baie Orientale or Orient Bay is a magical place where accommodation is multiple. Luxury hotels like La Playa and La Plantation or private apartments.


Rental options are many, and all this at the edge of one of the most beautiful tourist beaches of the island. Nautical animations and restaurants in addition.


A must-see place.
 Sonesta Beach Resort, Holland House or Divi Little Bay Beach are some of the most popular hotels on the dutch side of the island.


You will find in these resorts all the comfort and luxury that can be expected for a dream vacation.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Hotels

Another booking option on St Martin, the guest-houses. This type of accommodation has rooms designed to receive visitors looking for a place to sleep or eat. All this while rubbing shoulders with the hosts in their daily life.


Ideal to better discover the island.
 Another possibility to find hotel accommodation, the residences in the city center, as you can find them on Frontstreet in Philipsburg or rue du General de Gaulle in Marigot.


These hotels allow you to be closer to the animation of the 2 capitals of the island.


Following the hurricane Irma, in 2017, the hotels are not yet all reopened and, to compensate for this lack of accommodation, Saint Martin residents offer to rent apartments or rooms live.


For this you can book your accommodation through online booking sites like BOOKING.COM or AIRBNB.COM.


From accommodation in a luxury hotel to a room rental, there will always be a suitable solution to make your stay on St Martin as successful as possible.


So Happy Holidays in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten