With more than 300 restaurants on its territory, Saint Martin / Sint Maarten has been considered for many years as the capital of Caribbean gastronomy.


This reputation, acquired over the years, is above all the fruit of the island’s hospitality.


Cradle of excellence, the island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten currently has more than 120 nationalities in its population, each bringing with it its customs and traditions.


Over the generations, the various contributions have extended beyond their communities of origin, thus enriching the culinary heritage of all.


What makes Saint Martin / Sint Maarten bring, with the diversity of its restaurants, a palette of culinary discoveries to each visitor.


The mixed cuisine that the restaurants offer can only encourage you to discover this subtle blend of Saint-Martin flavors.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Restaurants

On Sint Maarten, with Juliana International Airport and cruise ships, dining options are more focused on American cuisine.


With big names in fast food restaurants like KFC, MC DONALD, BURGER KING or SUBWAY.


There are also in Sint Maarten, restaurants offering international cuisine, such as ALINA or WASABI CHARLIE with their Japanese cuisine.


Wwith local aromas, such as ISOLA with its refined italian cuisine, or like MARIO BISTROT with its mixed cuisine of Japan, France and the Caribbean.


Or the restaurants located by the sea such as KARAKTER with its relaxing atmosphere while having lunch with your feet in the sand.


For a tasting of seafood, OCEAN LOUNGE, located in HOLLAND HOUSE hotel, will offer you a cuisine prepared with international trends.


If diet cuisine appeals to you, the GIGI’S restaurant can satisfy you with its cuisine based on organic foods and drinks.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Restaurants

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Restaurants - Atelier

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Restaurants

On Saint Martin, the fame of Grand Case is more to do with its refined cuisine restaurants with this clever mix of french gastronomy and flavors of caribbean products.


Choose BARRANCO restaurant for the quality and freshness of its products or RAINBOW with its modern decoration, facing the sea, delicious international and vegetarian cuisine.


Also in Grand Case, not to be missed, the restaurants singularly called “Les Lolos”. Formerly refreshments and also meeting places for the inhabitants.


These festive places have been transformed, over the years, into typical restaurants with local flavors.


Another culinary spot, The Village at Orient Bay. This magical place, on one of the most beautiful tourist places on the island, offers a range of restaurants that will surely seduce you.


Choose CÔTE PLAGES’ restaurant, which offers traditional french cuisine that puts fish in the spotlight.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Restaurants

Also L’ATELIER (Saint Martin), which will make you discover the excellence of its meat and fish, or even SAO with its Japanese platters, sushi, maki. and other california rolls.


On the beach of Orient Bay, the 5 Stars restaurants are back and will welcome you for your pleasure of having lunch with your feet in the sand.


And how not to end with an arranged rum, a local specialty, that each restaurant will offer you at the end of the dinner for a well-deserved digestion. If they forgot feel free to ask them.


You have an incredible choice with subtle blends such as banana, vanilla, ginger, bandaged wood, coconut, mango and even Tagada strawberries.


What makes Saint Martin / Sint Maarten incredible and unforgettable is this profusion of styles for an island that has only 88 km2.


Obviously, there will certainly be a restaurant that will fulfill your gourmet desires.
St Martin is and will remain an island like “nowhere else”.